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Neglecting Roof Repairs Can Cause These 5 Problems

Neglecting roof repairs

As a home or building owner, you have endless options for where to place your upkeep efforts and budget. It's easy to put off roof repairs if you can somehow manage without them, but when present inconveniences are neglected, they can turn into future disasters. Delaying a roof repair, even a minor one, can lead to an expensive emergency situation down the road. Here's a look at what the long-term effects can be when you put off repairing a roof.


A roof leak is the beginning of most issues, and they typically expand into bigger leaks. If you choose not to hire a roofing contractor, the leaks won't magically repair themselves. More and more water will enter the building and lead to further complications.

Water Damage

Those leaks that you've just been putting a bucket under when it rains can lead to the destruction of insulation, rotten wood, and structural damage. Instead of a simple repair to patch a leak, you are faced with completely replacing roof components and materials within the building.


Mold can form in wet insulation or roof layers, and it's harmful to people when exposed. A small amount of mold can be treated easily, but if there is widespread growth, it is a time-consuming and expensive process to remove.

Fire Hazards

Electrical wires should always be kept dry. If they are located in an attic that gets wet from a leaking roof, it poses a fire hazard. Even a small fire can cause serious damage that is costly to restore.

Pest Infestations

A roof with holes or rotten wood is easily penetrable by rodents or insects. Once they have found a way in, they can live in the eaves, attic, or interior walls. Their presence can inflict other damage to the building, and you will probably need to pay an exterminator to have them removed.

Trust Buildia Construction Group to address your Pensacola roof repairs, so you can avoid the expense of more complicated issues.


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