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A Roof Inspection May Help You Avoid A Roof Replacement For Your Pensacola Area Home

Roof inspection

Scheduling a roof inspection for your Pensacola home or business is a wise preventative measure because a secure roof is a vital component to a safe building. If your roof is neglected until there are troubling issues, you may be dealing with underlying predicaments, such as damaged insulation or mold growth. You can avoid these problems and prolong the life of your roof by having it inspected.

What Happens During a Roof Inspection

A professional roof inspection provides valuable insight about its condition. An inspection involves checking for damage and potential problems by examining all facets of the roof, including:

Structure - Looking for signs of sagging or uneven roof planes. Seeing if the fascia, soffit, and gutter system are in good condition. The chimney is also inspected for wear and tear.

Workmanship - Finding any flaws in how the roof was installed can identify potential risks for future damage.

Materials - Checking for issues such as rust, moss, staining, or warped, loose, or missing shingles help evaluate if the roof is deteriorating.

Interior - Inspecting the attic, ceilings, and walls of the interior of the building can identify water stains or mold, which indicates that water is making its way inside, and a roof repair is called for.

The inspector will provide you with a report that details the condition of your roof and whether any repairs, treatments, or a roof replacement are necessary.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

If your roof is leaking or you notice other problems, you should call Buildia Construction Group to schedule a roof inspection, but that is not the only time you should be thinking about it. There are also other circumstances when having a qualified roofing contractor evaluate your roof is recommended, such as:

Annually - Having your roof inspected every year will ensure that it stays in optimal condition and prevent having to replace it prematurely.

After a storm - High winds and heavy rain or snow can cause roof damage. Even if you can't see obvious destruction after a storm, you should have an inspection. If there is obvious storm damage, and you are filing an insurance claim, a professional roofing inspection will be required to start the process.

When selling your property - If you are planning to list your property, an inspection can assess the condition of your roof before it goes on the market. You can tackle any necessary repairs and provide confidence to a prospective buyer about their investment.

Let Buildia Construction Group conduct a Pensacola roof inspection for your property, so you will be informed about any problems and how they can be addressed. Once you know the condition of your roof, you'll have the peace of mind that it's in good shape or be able to plan for future repairs or replacement.


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