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A Highly-Skilled General Contractor: Ready To Help With Residential & Commercial Projects In The Pensacola Area

General contracting

Along with being a trustworthy roofing contractor, Buildia Construction Group is the Pensacola general contractor who you can rely on to oversee all stages of your residential or commercial construction project. Our experience and conscientiousness mean that the outcome will be just what you had in mind.

If a roof replacement reveals other issues that need additional work, we can handle that for you. Whether you need a general contractor for a simple or complex project, we will take the stress off of you by planning and coordinating it from start to finish. Let us handle the communication between all the parties it takes to make the whole process go smoothly.

When you hire Buildia Construction Group as your Pensacola general contractor, you can leave the following responsibilities to us.

Planning Your Project

We make an overall plan for your project and schedule the allotted time for all of the work that needs to be done. We then we oversee the subcontractors to make sure everything stays on schedule. These duties include:

  • Establishing and following a budget
  • Determining and procuring the necessary material and equipment
  • Ensuring all legalities and regulations are followed
  • Communicating with all project participants
  • Planning for delays and changes and troubleshooting solutions

Managing Your Project

In order to finish the project on time and within budget, there are numerous areas that must be managed, including:

  • Setting project deadlines
  • Ensuring adequate funds are available
  • Staffing the job with an adequate workforce
  • Hiring, paying, and supervising subcontractors
  • Ordering materials in time to have them delivered when needed
  • Arranging for the required equipment

Keeping Your Project on Track

We make sure everything is done right and that disruptions don't happen to delay completion, and this involves:

  • Acquiring all required permits and licenses
  • Making certain building codes are followed
  • Coordinating inspections
  • Ensuring quality control and cost-effective procedures
  • Keeping supplies available
  • Maintaining construction site safety

Let Buildia Construction Group be your general contractor, and we will plan and coordinate all the activities to get your project done on time and on budget.


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If you are looking for a leading general contractor in the Pensacola area, then please call 850-490-0708 or complete our online request form.